What part of an apple pie is the reason we want to put our soldiers in it? Is it the apple, is it the dough, or the texture itself? Or, maybe, it’s about the eggs that are inside it. We’ve all seen a naughty-colored Easter egg and thought to ourselves, “Damn, if I could just….”

Jokes aside, Tenga eggs are egg-shaped Japanese sex toys for male masturbation. They’re a bit weird-looking for a sex gadget, but they do a great job.  In this article, we’ll talk about Tenga eggs and why you want to have one yourself. Let’s begin!

What is a tenga egg?

You probably first heard of Tenga eggs when you looked up masturbation tips for men. There are not that many porn videos with these eggs out there, but they do look intriguing. If you’re not one of those who like to mix food and sex, you’ve probably skipped over them. But, aside from looking like Easter eggs, they have nothing else in common with them.

Inside the plastic packaging, there’s a smaller silicone egg that you use to pleasure yourself. Essentially, think of it as a masturbation sleeve that you put on your penis and stretch it as you masturbate.

How to make your solo sessions more egg-citing

So, why would you use this toy? Why are they worth your time? Well, it turns out these eggs mean business! They make your penis more sensitive to the movements you make. They add a layer between your penis and your (or your partner’s) hand and lube it up.

As a result, your wank session is more intense, and your penis is more receptive to the sensations. When you ejaculate, it’s a more powerful feeling, and it makes you reach heights you didn’t think were reachable.


One of the main advantages of these eggs is that they’re highly versatile. There are tens of variants out there, and they all cause different sensations. This way, you can explore different options and settle for whatever suits you best. It’s like trying out your favorite pre-rolls. We’ve selected the six most popular variants:

  • Twister  —  This one’s the basic one. As the name suggests, inside the egg, you have ridges that go in a spiral. If you’ve never used a Tenga egg before, we recommend you start off with the twister.
  • Stepper  —  It has curved ridges inside that face in opposite directions. It’s one of the more intense ones of the bunch. The curves hit your penis quite unexpectedly, and they kind of surprise your soldier. If you want to have an intense session and curl your toes, go for the stepper.
  • Spider  —  The ridges inside the egg have a spiderweb pattern. This way, the egg stimulates your penis more intensely than the twister, especially your frenulum (the underside of the head).
  • Silky  —  The silky egg has lines that cross each other. They’re quite thin and don’t really provide any addition to your masturbation. According to many reviews, this is probably the least liked variant.
  • Clicker  —  This one doesn’t have any ridges. Instead, it’s filled with bumps that are not evenly dispersed. In some places, they are scarce; in others, it’s like a honeycomb. It’s both relaxing and stimulating. And, since the pattern is not always the same, you can shuffle the egg about and produce different sensations.
  • Wavy  —  This one’s by far the most intense in this variety pack. It has thick, wavy ridges that put pressure on your penis. The wavy is the final boss of these Tenga eggs.

It can also enhance your couple’s play

You can incorporate Tenga eggs into your foreplays and blowjobs. It’s a great addition to the BJ as you get to experience different sensations during the session, and the hand job part of it will feel much better too. (We all know that’s the “meh” part of it.)

Additionally, as Tenga eggs make masturbation sessions more sensitive, in the long term, you’ll build up your stamina. That will improve your sex life in general, so your partner will enjoy your Tenga egg as well.

Advantages of tenga eggs to other male sex toys

Let’s briefly check out why you’d prefer Tenga eggs to other male masturbators.

Easy to use

First off, they’re so intuitive. All that you need comes in the package. Every egg has lube inside it, and there’s a user manual for those of you who can’t put two and two together. Another cool thing is that the eggs are super stretchy. This way, it’s a “one size fits all” deal, so you don’t have to worry about buying the wrong one.

Easy to carry

They’re small and compact. They can fit in your pocket and your bag without any issue. Even if someone stumbles upon them, they will probably have no idea that it’s a sex toy as it doesn’t look that way. Unless, of course, they’re a user themselves. It’s probably the most discreet of all sex toys out there. So, if this is a concern for you, you have nothing to worry about!

Easy to clean

The worst part about owning a flashlight or a pocket pussy is cleaning. It’s as messy as it gets. The great thing about the eggs is that you can clean them easily. They hold all of your unborn children, and you can clean them by just rinsing them. Plus, you can use them as a single-use toy and throw them straight into the trash. You won’t mind because they are…

…Very cheap

These toys are extremely cheap. One egg is about $5–$6. You can find a cool edition that gives you six eggs for just $25 (one of each type). Since they offer a variety of sensations to your penis, they’re arguably the best value-for-money toy in Lovegasm. So, go and crack an egg on your penis. It’s much better than it sounds!

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