More than 70% women are unable to attain orgasm most of the times. Yes, it’s not a myth. The truth is most women have to fake their orgasm to keep their partner happy. But, then, there is nothing abnormal not to achieve orgasm. A vast range of factors could be responsible here. But the good thing is, sex toys would be of wonderful help when you are really struggling to attain orgasm.

Why can’t a woman attain orgasm easily?

Now, as mentioned previously, there could be a number of factors behind it.

Severe mental stress and anxiety could be a major reason here. Mental issues not only take a toll on your physical health but on your sexual health as well. Then there could be some physical issues behind it. Sometimes, when you are physical unwell, you may find it hard to reach orgasm. Again, if you are used to reaching orgasm in a particular position, it might be difficult for you to achieve the same in another position.

Apart from all these, there is one very simple fact behind a woman’s inability to attain orgasm easily. The female anatomy is designed in such a way that it is not always able to attain orgasm through penetrative sex only. The answer lies in clitoral stimulation. Now, the question comes – doesn’t men help to stimulate the clit? Well, a lot of men do. But, there are two points here- one, many men do not bother about much foreplay or clitoral stimulation for women. Second, women need a really powerful clit stimulation which they don’t always get from their partners.

How do sex toys help here?

Sex toys are the magic tools for women to level up in the big “O” game.

So, how do these toys help women to achieve that dream climax? Well, they can provide extremely powerful stimulation which help women to achieve orgasm easily. In fact, there are some sex toys that are especially designed for clit stimulation. Hence, you can be assured of a more targeted and focused action here. Some great examples here are wand, dildo, vibrator etc. Anal bead would also make a great addition to your adult toy collection. Beads, although are inserted anally, yet can ensure incredible G-spot and clit stimulation.

Another big factor that works about sex toys is that they assure you seamless pleasure. Since these are gadgets, they never get tired. So, you can use them as long as you wish to till you finally reach your climax.

Best sex toys for your dream orgasm

You must be all charged up by now to explore different sex toys which could assure you an incredible orgasm. The post below offers a brief on some of the best adult toys that can lead you towards an explosive orgasm. But before we proceed, make sure to check out these awesome sex toy collections from

Magic Wand from Hitachi

This amazing wand from Hitachi is a true genius. Launched in the late 1960’s, the wand is a tried-and-tested tool which can make you cum just each time you have it. Yes, it’s a huge and heavy thing and also makes loud noises. But why go by the looks, when you have the guarantee of a mindblowing climax every time.

You can use it solo or with your partner. Just the very sight of you moaning in delight with the Hitachi classic will drive your partner crazy. After you have explored the Hitachi magic, you two can engage in some truly steamy penetrative sex and rock the night together.

Hello Touch X by Jimmyjane

Next time your partner indulges you in clit stimulation, request him to wear this beauty by Jimmyjane. This is an extremely powerful mini fingertip vibrator which assures explosive bouts of orgasm every time you use it. You can let your partner use it or else you yourself can do to stimulate you when you are flying solo.

Crave Vesper

A vibrator in the camouflage of a chic pendant, Crave Vesper is a star jewel of every adult toy collection. Its discreet looks do not let out the actual fact out and you can sport it easily wherever you go. The good thing is you don’t have to hide it from anyone.

Are you planning a naughty romantic date with your boyfriend soon? Do you two have plans to engage in some real steamy action after a lovely candlelight dinner? Well, in that case, Crave Vesper would make a beautiful accessory for your date-night outfit which you can use later to indulge in some delightful orgasm.

4 Plus by We-Vibe

You have a cute little vibrator here which has received rave reviews both from the users and experts. But, don’t go by its size- the 4 Plus can actually assure you some mindblowing stimulation both internally and externally. The cool part is the toy comes with a remote control facility and can be controlled remotely through its smartphone app. This way, the toy lets your partner stimulate you even when you two are physically apart. All he would need to do here is to download the We-Vibe app in his smartphone. Then, when you two are in the mood of some naughty remote fun, you can just tell him to go the app and tease you to perfection.

Wrapping up

Winding up, it’s to note here that lubricant is a must when you wish to indulge in some sex toy action. Whether you are using a magic wand or a vibrator or a dildo, a good lube is indispensable. The lube would be applied not just on the toy but on the area where it would be used as well. However, you should be really careful about the material of the toy while selecting the lube for you. All kinds of lubes are not compatible with every kind of sex toy material. Silicone is a very popular material when it comes to adult toys. If you too have got a silicone toy, do not use a silicone lube with it. A water-based lube would be the most appropriate option here.

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